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Soil Association Teams Up with Project X Global

We are delighted to announce the beginnings of a partnership with the Soil Association, the UK’s leading membership charity for sustainable food, farming and land use.

We deeply respect the work undertaken by the Soil Association – the only UK charity working across a spectrum of human health, the environment, and animal welfare and have asked them to work with us on our programmes to support a change to truly sustainable food across the globe.

We have invited the Soil Association to join us as a strategic advisor and implementation provider for agricultural programmes. We have also been invited by the Soil Association to join them as a strategic advisor and implementation provider for systems change and value chain programmes.

Marcela Navarro, CEO and Co-Founder of Project X, had the following to say about this new relationship:

“No organisation can make a change of this magnitude on their own and we are thrilled to have this opportunity to collaborate with the Soil Association and their amazing team. We have a phenomenal opportunity to take action to tackle the key challenges of our time where a coordinated approach and the right partners are fundamental”.

Liz Bowles, Director of Farming and Land Use at the Soil Association, said: Collaboration is a key way in which the Soil Association works, and as we embark on our strategy to 2030 to enable a transition of our food and farming system to one which addresses the climate, nature and health emergencies, we know that we can do so much more through working with others. We really like the way in which Project X works and are excited to be starting a joint journey with them.

One of Project X’s core beliefs is that people are stronger together. We care about the Earth and the people who live on it, which is why we strive to provide change at the pace the planet needs it. That’s why this collaboration between such keenly value-aligned companies is brilliant; by working together, we are sure to accelerate our common goals and amplify the impact potential of both companies.

Soil Association
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Soil Association was founded in 1946 by farmers, scientists, doctors and nutritionists to promote the connection between the health of the soil, food, animals, people and the environment. Today the Soil Association is the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. Its Chief Executive is Helen Browning, and Chair of Trustees is Martin Nye.