The ultimate goal of every programme is to enable 10% of global industry to procure alternative sustainable solutions at scale. We will do this through:
  • Multi-stakeholder consensus on the most scalable and sustainable solutions
  • Advanced market commitment to procure new sustainable solutions
  • Facilitated testing and financing to scale


10% of the global feed industry to adopt alternative feed ingredients into value chains (purchase order for test or outright procurement)

Impact Goal
To reduce feed ingredient production related environmental impacts.
Specifically, ingredients that are:

  • Contributing to land deforestation
  • Exhausting the global carbon emissions budget
  • Sourced from non-responsible fishing practices

Lead Partner
Nutreco / Skretting – A global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed. Their advanced nutritional solutions are at the origin of food for millions of consumers worldwide. It has about 100 production plants in more than 30 countries, and 8 research centers.

€5.6bn in 2016

Purchasing Power

Status of Programme
Contract Signed 19.09.17

Innovation is core to everything we do at Skretting. We face an immense challenge to feed a growing world population and to produce food with less resources.

We are continuously working on identifying, developing and validating new solutions to support animal health and performance, and we are looking forward to working with Project X come up with new ways to reduce inputs, scale-up sustainable innovations and increase productivity, whilst
addressing the fundamental environmental need, at the right risks.

Marta Rojo, Director of Procurement


Reduction in un- and under-immunised children from 15m per year in 2016 to 10m in 2020 at the same time as 1/2 environmental impacts.

Impact Goal
To radically improve the life-saving efficiency of vaccine deployment at the same time as reduce the environmental impacts of vaccine management in three stages:

  • Transport, Cold Chain, Data and Waste – Full value chain
  • Non core production, waste, packaging etc – Pharmaceuticals
  • Core production, ie vaccine ingredients – pharmaceuticals

Lead Partner
Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI), a public–private global health partnership committed to increasing access to immunisation in poor countries. Founding Partners: World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Health Organisation and UNICEF.

Strategic Spend 2016/2020
$9bn in 68 countries
NB. Spend exclusively focuses on immunising 300m additional children in the strategic period

Purchasing Power
$250m ring-fenced and approved by GAVI board for cold chain spend for FY2018

Status of Programme
Expression of interest. £1m match funding pledge, subject to approvals of match funder upon submission

Project X works with industry value chains to extract environmental efficiencies that are both in the corporate and common interest, but which are often overlooked and/or require outsiders to identify the solutions. Gavi seeks this kind of expertise in order to identify, curate and accelerate solutions both to impact positively on Gavi’s outcomes in coverage and equity, while doing so in the common interest by reducing negative planetary impact

Sustainable vaccine supply chains are a vital part of building strong health systems, so that children, parents and communities have access to life-saving vaccines, when they need them. WWF-X expertise in environmental innovation will help Gavi to address so called climate externalities, helping Gavi to test innovative climate friendly solutions in our value chain, aimed at increasing our impact, at pace.

Sebastian Meaney, Director of UK Strategy and Resource Mobilisation

Project X unique features

  • A rigorous independent methodology that has already been used successfully by Project X team members in two multinationals and subsequently independently reviewed during the WWF incubation phase as being fit for purpose
  • Industry partners who are the leaders in the relevant sectors agree to finance, test and commit in advance to large scale procurement from which Project X receives upfront payments and royalties on product produced at scale
  • The financial community are involved throughout and their investments are de-risked through the advanced procurement contract