The Knowledge X-Change Programme is designed to identify the barriers and opportunities for industry-wide adoption of sustainable feed. The objective is about shifting the 10% by exchanging information and evidence to help secure broader industry adoption of sustainable feed alternatives and influence key players in the value chain.

“Given the urgency of the climate and biodiversity crisis, we need to move to sustainable supply chains fast. We simply don‘t have the luxury of time. We have to scale up sustainable innovations much faster than we have in the past. We need approaches that work for innovators, large corporates and investors alike – and that bring measurable benefits for people and planet. Feed X and Project X promise just that.” Thomas Vellacott, CEO, WWF CH

Scaling Alternative Feed Ingredients

Contribution of FEED-X

September 23rd, 14.00 - 16.00 BST

This webinar will focus on scaling the benefits of alternative feed ingredients, and sharing the Project X approach to de-risking. Objectives:
  • To increase confidence of participants in the sustainability performance of alternative feed ingredients
  • To share sustainability performance experiences of the value chain
  • To understand the perspectives of the different sectors at this stage

Speakers Announced

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Webinar Overview (PDF)Webinar Notes (PDF)
Webinar Presentations (PDF)
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FEED-X Webinar

Building Resilience & Future of the Feed Industry

September 29th 12.30 - 14.30 BST

This webinar will include recognising the 10 selected innovators and to launch the ProjectX/PwC Market Opportunities Report. Objectives:
  • To launch the market opportunities report - role of alternatives in the future of aquaculture
  • To celebrate the 10 selected innovations - FEED-X as part of that future
  • To engage the value chain in dialogue on creating narratives to support sustainable alternative feed ingredients

Whilst this event has concluded, you can still watch this webinar or download the overview and presentations by clicking the links below.

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Webinar Presentations (PDF)
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Knowledge X-Change Event

Innovator Exchange Fireside Chats

Innovator Exchange was a series of four conversations resulting from the webinars in September.

We were asked by several retailers whether they could hear more from the innovators themselves, as the second webinar, where they were introduced, was not long enough. As such, we set up a series of 4 topics of conversations to explore with the innovators and retailers/food distributors, key aspects of sustainability.

We wanted to show the complexity and also give the innovators an opportunity to show what they are exploring and get their reactions to the topic in general. During 2019, IKEA supported 4 key areas of interest in the Project X de-risking stage; Environment, Ethical and Social Acceptability, as well as Nutrition. It was the first three topics we felt offered a framework for exploring the innovators in more detail. As such these four meetings for a select group, emerged and are shared with you here.

If you would like to know more about the introduction on the topics then please see the documents in the Knowledge Bank as you will find some of the documents there. Otherwise please feel free to contact us and request the documents. In the meantime, if you would like to join us in the next series of Webinars and conversations, please let us know via the registration form at the knowledge exchange events section.

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Topic 1: What is the value add that alternative proteins and oils bring to sustainably fed food?

Discussion Flow Topic 1 (PDF)Watch Webinar

Available documents

  • FEED-X Background Brief 2018: Summary of key facts in the Background report that identifies the key players in the feed industry for different species, defines 10% in the context of the feed industry
  • FEED-X CDR Integrated Sustainability De-Risking Exec Summary 2019: Report summarises the results from the 6 lens (Nutrition, Environment, Ethical, Social Acceptability, Legal, and Economic) reports and the integrated risk assessment tool that combined results for the 7 categories – including the 89 possible ingredient solutions – creating a PX sustainability index. Hence creating de-risked categories of innovation

Topic 2: Social Acceptability – What do Consumers want from their seafood and how well can alternative proteins and oils deliver?

Discussion Flow Topic 2 (PDF)Watch Webinar

Available document

  • FEED-X Social Acceptability Summary Report: Summary of the research results from 3000 respondents across 6 countries. A full report is available upon request

Topic 3: Environmental Impacts – How well do alternative proteins and oils improve environmental performance and how should we measure it?

Discussion Flow Topic 3 (PDF)Watch Webinar

Available documents

  • FEED-X Environmental Lens De-risking Report by Blonk assesses the environmental risk of 89 potential feed solutions across four LCA indicators
  • WWF Sustainable Planetary Diets (link)
  • Cottrell et al 2020 Global adoption of novel aquaculture feeds could substantially reduce forage fish demand by 2030, Nature Food, 1(5), pp.301-308 (link)

Topic 4: Ethical and Social Impacts – What do we need to consider and how might alternative proteins and Oils help deliver better performance?

Discussion Flow Topic 4 (PDF)Watch Webinar

Available documents

  • Ethical lens: Animal Welfare Risk Assessment by Fai Farms
  • Social Wellbeing Assessment by Fai Farms
  • The Social Wellbeing Tool

Knowledge X-Change Event

FEED-X – Assessing the impact of changing feed ingredients
– create confidence in the value chain for alternatives

When: 3-5 March 2021

Benefit: Sharing results of demonstrating commitments

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Roundtable Knowledge X-Change Event

FEED-X - Overcoming Barriers in transforming the Feed Industry
– increased confidence

When: Oct-Nov 2021

Benefit: Sharing results in overcoming barriers to scale up

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Celebration Event

FEED-X Transformation of the FEED Industry

When: Mar-April 2022

Benefit: Showing the journey of transformation the feed industry

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