Project X is working to accelerate the adoption of environmentally sustainable solutions within global supply chains.

The focus of the overall FEED-X programme is to source, test, finance and scale alternative feed ingredients into the global feed industry. Following an extensive programme to identify the most impactful areas for innovation within the value chains for salmon and shrimp feed, Project-X and its lead partner, Skretting (the global leader in the field) are working to identify organisations who are developing new ingredients and techniques.

The FEED-X Challenge

In order to engage with the most exciting and potentially impactful organisations worldwide, Project X will be launching the FEED-X Challenge in early 2019. We are looking for organisations whose solutions are ready to be tested, scaled and integrated into supply chains across the world.

We are in the process of finalising our criteria for winning innovations. The FEED-X Challenge will identify the 9 most promising organisations in the space in order to build their global profile, introduce them to a wide range of financing opportunities and most importantly, provide direct market testing and access.

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