Project X is working to accelerate the adoption of environmentally sustainable solutions within global supply chains.

The focus of the overall FEED-X programme is to source, test, finance and scale alternative feed ingredients into the global feed industry. Following an extensive programme to identify the most impactful areas for innovation within the value chains for salmon and shrimp feed, Project-X and its lead partner, Skretting (the global leader in the field) are working to identify organisations who are developing new ingredients and techniques.

The objective is to shift 10% of the global food industry, circa 107m tonnes, to significantly reduce feed related environmental impacts, by adopting alternative feed ingredients and feed related technologies into value chains for Salmon and Shrimp aquaculture.

The FEED-X Challenge – Innovations to Scale 

Project X Global has opened the search for outstanding innovations to radically transform the global feed industry.  In partnership with Skretting, Climate-KIC, WWF and Ikea, FEED-X is now asking for applications for sustainable feed innovations from entrepreneurs eager to commercialise their ideas.

The goal of the FEED-X programme is to ensure that the global feed industry can produce enough food to support the growing world population by shifting 10% of global feed production to sustainable sourcing from novel alternative solutions. It aims to do so by 2025 – through sourcing, testing, financing and scaling alternative feed ingredients and technologies that affect feed. The programme will focus on salmon and shrimp; two aquaculture species with wholly different feed requirements and industry structures.

The application is a two-stage process. Project X invites innovators to fill in the Expression of Interest form by the 10th of May, after which they will be provided with the application form. The applications will then be independently reviewed by an expert panel including high-profile individuals from a range of sectors. The FEED-X Challenge will identify the most promising organisations in the space in order to build their global profile, introduce them to a wide range of financing opportunities and most importantly, provide direct market testing and access.

Applications will be accepted no later than the 7th of June.

If you are developing a sustainable solution that relates to our programme, or you’d like to find out more, please leave your details below:


We may disclose your personal data to our partners insofar as reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this policy. Here is a link to a website that lists our Roster of Experts