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Reece Proudfoot

Head of Innovation and Impact Investment at WWF-Australia
10 in 10 Technical Working Group

Reece Proudfoot is Innovation Strategist at WWF-Australia. In 2017, Reece founded WWF-Australia’s sustainable technology accelerator: Panda Labs, with a mission to develop, support and scale innovative, global solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals. Panda Labs supports both social enterprise start-ups and corporate ventures and is currently incubating two blockchain venture partnerships. In 2017, Reece authored the report “Can Technology Save the Planet?” and developed the WWF global network’s global blockchain strategy. Reece currently chairs the WWF global blockchain working group.

Reece’s career began in advertising at News Limited in Sydney before making a significant pivot to work for two years in the Kingdom of Tonga – on capacity building and climate change adaptation with the Tongan business sector. Reece joined WWF in 2012, working on climate change campaigns, including Earth Hour, which engages hundreds of millions of ordinary people on sustainability, climate change, and energy every year. Reece now has over fifteen years experience in innovation strategy and capacity building, campaigning, and coalition building. Reece has a Masters Degree in International Social Development from the University of New South Wales, and is especially motivated by building public participation in problem solving and solution design.