Project X at TBLI Conference

We were delighted that our CEO, Marcela Navarro was invited to speak this month at one of the key conferences in the impact investment space, the TBLI Conference 2019, in Zurich.

It was TBLI’s 35th European conference and workshops and panel discussions were around ‘Next Gen Investment’, ‘Gender-Smart Impact Investing’, ‘Blockchain & Impact Investing’, ‘Shaping an Investment Strategy Around SDGs’ amongst others.

Marcela joined a panel to discuss ‘Climate Strategy at Scale’, to share the lessons she has learnt, and experience she has gained, from being a part of a strategy implementation and programme roll-out for industry leaders RBS and Cummins. She was met by equally driven individuals representing ESG prioritising organisations. These individuals included: Raffaela Lombard from Lombard Impact, Andre Laude from International Finance Corporation, Dr. Silke A. Krawietz from SETA Network, and Marcel Brenninkmeijer from Good Energies Foundation.

Since John Elkington coined the phrase, ‘triple bottom line’ (TBL) in 2015, the TBL space continues to grow and grow. However, in 2018 John suggested we rethink what the phrase really means and recall it to be amended. In 2015, the phrase ‘triple bottom line’ was a sustainability framework that examined a company’s social, environmental, and economic impact. However, since then, in business lexicon, the word ‘economic’ has become ‘financial’. John questioned whether the purpose and means of the TBL phrase has been diluted and whether ‘systems change’ was no longer a goal we are all trying to reach.

It is truly exciting that we, Project-X, are able to be at the forefront of this revolution. Through our continued efforts in research and research implementation, we hope to continue to see this kind of progress far into the future.