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Future-proofing supply chains

Marcela Navarro, CEO and Co-founder of Project-X will be a panel member appearing before an invited audience of senior business and public sector professionals at the Future-proofing supply chains event.

The majority of attendees are senior leaders with roles which relate to sustainability, CSR, innovation, supply chains and procurement with an understanding of the challenges and opportunities for large businesses.

COVID-19 reminded the world that highly efficient globalised supply chains are exposed to a wide array of potential disruptions and bottlenecks. From navigating disrupted sales pipelines, to restricted materials, labour and logistics, the pandemic has led many businesses to reconsider their operations. As the global economy unfreezes and companies recover from the shocks of the pandemic, this is a unique moment to consider what it would take to “build back better” and become resilient to future shocks – not least the ever impending threat of climate change.

Amongst other serious sustainability led discussions we’re looking to examine in detail:

  • In the post-pandemic world what are the key expectations from stakeholders in terms of transparency, agility, and responsiveness to future disruption?
  • How should businesses engage their suppliers to co-navigate these issues, and what wider collective action is needed on a sector and industry-wide basis?
  • Is the growing interest in localisation and “self-reliance” practical, and what are the business implications?
  • What further disruptions might test supply chains over the next decade and how can businesses prepare for them?
  • How has your business made its supply chains more circular, ethical and sustainable, and what could other businesses learn from these changes?
  • From your experiences what opportunities could be leveraged to “build back better” with more resilient supply chains?
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Marcela Navarro, Project X Global CEO & Co-Founder of Project X

Project-X is a WWF-backed corporate systems accelerator whose vision is to radically transform the sustainability performance of the 10 industry value chains most responsible for biodiversity loss and climate change impacts, over the next 10 years. With a career of over 20 years of experience in value chains, sustainability and banking, Marcela is a recognised leader in purpose-led transformation models, with a proven track record in South America, North America and Europe.

Prior to co-founding Project X, Marcela was Head of Customer Innovation at RBS, and a member of its Corporate Banking Board, where she led innovative programmes transforming the way traditional systems work together, resulting in multi-million pound savings, additional revenue for the bank, its customers and suppliers and significant environmental benefits. In 2015, she was recognised as Leader of the Year by Business Green.