Fancy mealworms for the tacos?

We have some wonderful news to share about one of our partners: Tebrito, a brilliant innovator that works with insect proteins. For a long time, the EU legislation regarding the sale of insects as food has been left open to some interpretation.

The law defines insects as a so-called ‘novel food’; products that have not been used as food to a great extent in the EU before 1997. They are also one of a group of foods that may not be sold without the European Commission first assessing that the food in question does not pose a health risk to customers. As such, most European countries (including Tebrito’s originator, Sweden) interpreted the legalese to mean that all forms of insects must be approved by the European Commision before they can be put up for sale. Other countries permitted the sale of whole insects – leading to an unhelpful double standard for companies like our partner’s.

Luckily, this disparity prompted the European Court of Justice to reconsider their previous stance. As of recently, insects have been ruled to be unaffected by previous legislation. The EU is now entering a transitional period where whole insects may now be sold by all countries.

Of course, now that Sweden’s food agency – the Livmedelsverket – has updated their views on whole insects as food, the final hurdle in Tebrito’s plan to deliver protein in the most sustainable way has finally been lifted! This is great news; we look forward to seeing Tebrito continuing to make waves unencumbered.

Marcela Navarro, our CEO, commends the Livmedelsverket’s open-mindedness:
“Well done to the Swedish National Food Administration for this positive decision and openness to regenerative change.

This is a positive step forward that the country and the food industry is welcoming -and it will probably support other countries to reverse / update their interpretations.”