Alexander liedke

Alexander Liedke

Leads Science-Based Targets activities, WWF
10 in 10 Technical Working Group

Alexander currently leads the Science-Based Targets activities of WWF. In his role, he engages with companies to set climate targets according to science. His work involves a wide range of activities – from sector approaches and method development to individual target setting projects, e.g. corporate renewable electricity purchasing strategies or scope 3 targets.

He is also WWF’s project leader in a publicly funded multi-institutions 2-year project “Weg in die <2° Wirtschaft” (Road to a <2° economy) with ~30 companies involved along several value chains to establish cross-industry collaboration to achieve emission reductions. He develops and manages corporate partnerships with different focuses and gives lectures in sustainability strategy at university. Before his time at WWF, Alexander worked as a product manager and sustainability consultant with a focus on lifecycle management. He holds a Masters in biology.