A look back at September's Animal AgTech Innovation Summit

Back in September, at the virtual Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, Project X Global’s CEO, Marcela Navarro, lead a fascinating discussion on how the animal agtech industry is shaping food security, and the new opportunities in animal health, nutrition and precision farming.

Marcela chaired a panel discussion and was one of a handful of industry leaders and experts participating in the Summit, which included Microsoft, Danone, Austral Fisheries, Tesco, Aqua-Spark and McDonald’s Corporation.

The panel discussion session, “Supply Chain Safety, Transparency and Traceability- Creating Connectivity between Industry and Consumer” covered key issues including how the industry can use digital tools to prove its welfare, sustainability and quality credentials, the impact that blockchain is having on supply chain safety, transparency and traceability, and the possible collaboration between industry stakeholders.

Marcela lead the discussions with an assembly of stimulating questions, which included asking the panel to share their views on the return on investment and how feasible it is to distribute it among more than one player in the value chain.

One of the panel members, Claudia Roessler of Microsoft, spoke of how progress will rely on the entire value chain. “We cannot expect a consortium of farmers to resolve this on their own – different players all need to come together. Larger players need to invest in the first place, creating subsequent compensation when the data is shared.”

Overall, the panel discussion was tremendously successful, with insightful contributions from David Carter of Austral Fisheries, Johan De Meulemeester from Allflex, and Matt Earle from Proagrica.

For further information on the event, please contact Marcela Navarro, mn@projectxglobal.com

Marcela Navarro

Marcela Navarro, Project X Global CEO & Co-Founder