One of Project X’s core beliefs is that people are stronger together; we care about the Earth and the people who live on it, which is why we strive to provide change at the pace the planet needs it. It is because of this that we are always looking for value-aligned companies with whom we can strive towards common goals.

When a business is created to carry out with more focus the mutual interests of its parent companies, it represents an understanding that the achievement of a goal is more important than either player’s own personal gain.
It was pleasant, then, to receive an application for the FEED-X Programme from Company 9, a venture born from a collaboration between not two, but three parent companies! Company 9 seeks to create a sustainable solution for food processing companies in which diluted process stream that are otherwise lost or even wasted, are upgraded to valuable microbial protein (SCP – single cell protein).

Company 9 is an emerging business, but this has no bearing on the strength of its technological advancements. The concept is simple: the often-diluted process streams of food processing companies transformed by means of a cutting-edge aerobic fermentation process. Company 9’s dedication to helping the planet and its inhabitants is admirable; it is creating a sustainable, affordable and locally produced alternative for protein feed which would otherwise be unsustainably produced or in dangerously short supply.

Company 9 is tired of people not walking the walk when it comes to the very real danger the planet is in – as things stand, we do not have the strength to capably handle current environmental crises. As their CEO puts it, “We want realistic solutions for real challenges. Therefore, we adopt a no-nonsense approach to develop clever but simple processes.”

While Project X is always delighted to work with companies that are further along in their journey when we encounter them, there is a unique excitement to working with a newer business as is the case with Company 9. There is, after all, more time to market that Project X can compress as a systems accelerator. We look forward to working with Company 9 – we believe that their product has the potential to transform the world, and we know we can significantly reduce the time for this to happen.

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