Company 6 is a company that specialises in the industrialisation of insect agriculture within a regenerative food system. We greatly respect in Company 6 their ability to turn problems into opportunities, which then become actionable climate solutions.

They saw that

  1. 30% of crop production goes to feed livestock,
  2. Up to 60% of feed and food is wasted,
  3. Feed makes up 50% of the costs of the meat we eat,

And turned these issues into an excellent business model. Company 6 developed a special insect-rearing technology that converts mealworms and their waste into high-value proteins, oils, and nutrients for agriculture. Their intellectual property enables ordinary insects to cost-effectively meet the global scale of demand for animal feed and crop fertiliser.

The specialised technology and breeding process at the core of Company 6’s venture allow them to grow more insects that are packed with more nutrients, using less space, feed, and time. electively bred insects and novel diet blends allow for the customisation of the nutritional profiles of their products to meet specific industry and animal feed demands. Their mealworms feed on organic food production byproducts, require minimal water (0.0006 L/kg), and grow at five thousand times the acre yield of soy. Unlike fishmeal, Company 6’s feed contains no heavy metals or contaminants due to the careful control they maintain over every step of the process. Furthermore, their frass is certified USDA organic and is OMRI listed.

Company 6 also has an advantage in what they call their ‘hub-and-spoke’ model. They believe feed should be located near to where it is consumed, a practice that limits spoilage, carbon emissions and shipping costs. The hub-and-spoke, or “rancher model” further increases sustainability by allowing them to access a wide variety of by-product feedstocks, make use of waste heat by co-locating with server farms and data centres, or co-locating with growers who can use Company 6’s insect frass (manure) to fertilise their fields and keep soil healthy. Insect ranches can make use of unused, existing structures ranging from unused barns to empty warehouses.

The selective breeding program takes place in a single hatchery, whereupon eggs produced are then distributed and reared at grower-owned insect ranches. This allows for production systems that are easily scalable. Becoming a mealworm rancher, a concept that may not seem immediately agreeable to the average farmer, makes for a terrific personal venture: there are fewer pitfalls than with ordinary crops, as the indoor process means the mealworms are not affected by weather. The mealworms are also not subject to economy-based difficulties like commodity pricing or complex “rodeo-style” contracts – Company 6 buys back the finished product, so ranchers always have guaranteed sales.

As a corporate accelerator, we are proud to support Company 6’s journey – we believe that they are one of few businesses that have so much potential to change the world for the better. We are happy to say that the feeling is mutual; when asked, the CEO of Company 6 said the following:

“(the company) is industrializing insect production for animal feed, and we are excited to be involved in the commercialization acceleration of FEED-X 2019. The industry connections, access to R&D resources, and visibility offered by FEED-X are great opportunities for new ingredients.”

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