Company 4 is a SME specialising in the micronisation of food side streams and arable biomass. Company 4 uses specialised technology to cost-effectively produce high quality biomass powder from materials that would otherwise be deemed as waste by growers and retailers. The process creates high-value products from two main sources of food waste and surplus food.

Food waste is a huge problem globally; in the UK, for example, (according to the Waste Resource Action Programme) 1.7 million tonnes of food waste are generated each year by manufacturing companies – some of which is unavoidable, like tomato leaves or egg shells. While these types of manufacturing by-products are often considered a waste, Company 4 has seen the potential for these by-products to generate income instead of just being a cost-burden.

The innovative approach of their micronisation process offers a higher-value alternative to traditional outlets such as animal feed and anaerobic digestion. It offers the opportunity to transform our biomass by-product/surplus into valuable feedstock for a range of commercially attractive manufacturing supply chains.

How, then, does micronisation work? Company 4’s innovative technologies provide the ability to take vegetable food waste and produce high-value nutritional powders that has a variety of uses from fuel to ingredient feedstock. This lowers costs significantly and offering a zero-waste management solution in the emerging bioeconomy.

Our work has been key in accelerating Company 4’s time to market; we believe that innovations like this deserve to make their mark at the pace the planet needs it. The CEO of Company 4 had the following to say:

“The FEED–X Programme represents a unique opportunity for [Company 4] to participate in a programme focused on validation and demonstration through engagement with large corporate companies to create meeting the challenges of the future.”

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