Company 3 was an unusual applicant to the FEED-X Programme, but one that we were more than happy to accept. What sets Company 3 apart from its fellow selected innovators is the fact that it is the joint effort of two different innovators! These will be referred to as Company 3a and Company 3b.

Company 3a is a company who is focused on the niche of mealworm-based insect protein production, targeting the untapped high margin human nutrition market. Company 3a is keenly aware that current global solutions for food production are unsustainable and has consequently focused on the innovative source that are insect proteins.

Insects are masters at converting low value brans into valuable proteins. The Tenebrio Molitor larvae, for example, presents a high-quality amino acid profile (EAAI = 1.6). Insects are climate smart: compared to other sources, insects present the smallest footprint and least demands when considering water, energy, land and GHG equivalents to produce 1kg edible proteins. Company 3a has also designed their vertical-production facilities to rely on AI-based automation technologies on a full industrial scale to help them meet the highest market demands and standards of quality. They have already begun to produce favourable results – its pilot plant is up and running, with initial focus on the plant nutrition segment, as well as trials for both animal and human nutrition.

Their desire to help the planet is evident in everything they do – their use of insect-based proteins is borne from the desire to produce a protein source that will replace unsustainable animal agriculture. They have also achieved circular sourcing by recycling biomass waste products into high value protein, fat, chitin, and frass without any residual waste whatsoever. Furthermore, they are also addressing many of the UN’s sustainable development goals through their innovation.

Company 3b is a major insect rearing and breeding company, focusing on end-to-end processes around the production of Tenebrio Molitor. Their main goal is to build towards a circular economy by utilising insects to efficiently process and upcycle locally available organic waste (industrial, catering and household) sourced from waste management companies into protein rich feed and food ingredients.

The core philosophy of Company 3b’s production is to get the most from available resources. A large part of the feed is organic waste from local breweries and fruit farms, and they have developed methods of fermentation to conserve and improve the feed for our larvae. This gives them a “safe and nutritious feast” that lasts their entire lifetime. They also produce no waste – it is all up-cycled into valuable proteins, and a high-quality organic fertiliser.

Another thing the companies have in common is that both have benefitted greatly from their work with Project X through the FEED-X Programme. The CEOs of Company 3a and Company 3b have the following to say:

“The FEED-X Programme is already a game changer for us; it will enable us, together with our partners, to accelerate our development towards more circular and sustainable protein production. We are thrilled to contribute to the shaping of a more sustainable protein production system together with leading actors in the market.” – Company 3a

“The FEED-X Programme is a unique opportunity for us! As a small start-up in a critical phase, being a finalist allows us to accelerate our business and collaborate with the industry to create tomorrow’s sustainable fish feed.” – Company 3b

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