Company 10 is a global enterprise that believes in harnessing the latest technology to produce the ingredient of the future: insects. They are the market leader when it comes to verifiable and scalable insect breeding. To change the food system, they deliver a high-quality product and a reliable output. With high-tech solutions, artificial intelligence, genetic improvement programs and robotics, Company 10 brings the food system back in balance with nature.

Company 10 stands firmly behind the belief that insects are nature’s most powerful upcyclers; according to them, insects are the missing link in our food system. They have turned to insect protein to find the answer to many of the problems we face today, as insects can turn waste from fruit and vegetables into valuable body mass with little time and resources: one tonne of insect can be grown in fourteen days using a land area of only 20 square meters. It has a clear advantage over conventional protein sources like soy and meat which use up large amounts of land and water and often have a severe impact on ecosystems.

The use of insects can create a circular food system and enable humanity to move away from a resource depleting linear system of production. Insects have the unique ability to turn low-grade food waste into valuable high-end proteins and fats. Company 10 feeds their insects a unique mix of leftovers from local sources consisting of a balance of grains, fruits, and vegetables. Circular, soy-free, and locally produced and sold: Company 10’s insects have a low ecological footprint and are the perfect sustainable alternative to regular protein sources.

Their flagship product is a protein for pet food and aqua feed that uses insect-derived nutrients. For Company 10, these are the most logical and environmentally friendly animal proteins. Company 10’s product contains high-quality amino acids, lipids, and micronutrients that naturally and reliably boost animal health. It fully replaces conventional protein in several dry and wet pet foods as well as aquaculture applications, while adding functional benefits and superior palatability.

The product is a superb protein source for multiple aquaculture species: including early stage to grower diets for salmon, trout, and shrimp, among others. The product boasts:

  1. A well-balanced combination of high-quality amino acids, lipids, and micronutrients
  2. Easily digestible proteins (>85%)
  3. A High freshness index (BAI<1)
  4. A Suitability for hypoallergenic diets in pet food
  5. An excellent taste

The product is produced from a patented extraction process that does not require any artificial solvents nor uses techniques that may create heat- or pressure damage to the desired characteristics. Thanks to the lipid extraction technology applied, the nutritional bandwidth of the product will remain within a narrow range, even in the unlikely case of fluctuating insect feedstock.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Company 10 so far; as a B Corp, we take our responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. Their insect-based production model meets a number of the UN’s sustainability development goals – even at a glance, it is clear that our companies are value-aligned. Project X is hard at work accelerating Company 10’s access to market; we very much look forward to seeing what they will do next.

The CEO of Company 10 had this to say: “We are very excited to be part [the FEED-X Programme]. The people of [Company 10] are on a mission; we embrace everything that will help us build a better and more sustainable world for our children.”

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